5, 4, 3, 2, 1, … Space Rocker, Steve Kenny launches compilation album “Alone”

Space Rocker, Steve Kenny, having raised a family and having a long and varied career says this always prevented him from taking his music too seriously. Clearly it is never too late, having an extensive back catalogue of recordings Steve Kenny has published an album of soundscape guitar improvisations, “Alone” original recorded in quick succession in two improvised sessions in 2014.

Steve Kenny Guitar Recording the Community Empowerment Tapes 2007

Steve Kenny on Apple Music

Steve although he never saw himself as a “proper” musician, but his interest in eastern philosophy took improvisation into places that many would have never venture. Driven by being in the moment and going with the flow.

Steve Kenny explains his approach to performing in 2008.

Steve Kenny became my friend back in 2004 when we were colleagues in an office. It was not long while working together with discovered our mutual interest in music, especially the electric guitar. Both of us had history of playing in various combos since the 1970s.

The following years turn out to be a prolific time from creative collaboration when we got together to jam and made recordings and performed at Open Mic sessions in Sheffield. The collection of tapes made during this time dubbed the “Community Empowerment Tapes” a reference to our workplace at the time.

In 2021 a collection of recordings from the “Community Empowerment Tapes” were released as the Album, “Elements”.

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