Drighlington Digital celebrates by playing Get Online Week Bingo

Drighlington Digital celebrates Get Online Week 2021

This week the Drighlington Digital group celebrated Get Online Week looking at the Get Online Week Bingo. If you want to have go, follow the link to the Get Online Week website or join us on Thursday morning at 10am at the Drighlington Methodist Church.

We all have different interests and we all tend to use the internet differently. The challenges in Get Online Week Bingo challenges are difficult for some and very easy for others, most of us know how to do our favourite things. If we know how to use a web browser on our devices and know how to frame search query, we 80% of the way there to successful finding out something new, what we need to know or how to do something.

However there are some important things to know about interpreting search engine results. Looking at the results found on the Google search engine for a simple recipe interesting. This search example illustrates how the top links show promoted pages these tend to have websites with lots of tracking cookies.

Google search generated contentious results and debate about finding traditional local recipes!

You can look for options to opt out of tracking cookies, some websites are more difficult than others and the quality of information and numbers of adverts on the page vary enormously.

Understanding more about how the internet works is the remaining 20% about what you need to know to find meaningful relevant information without having to pay the price of giving away too much of your personal data or spending a lot of time wading through adverts and irrelevant distractions. This is a valuable everyday skill that you can easily learn and practice. Drighlington Digital is a free informal drop-in class and there are many others in the UK that can help you learn.

See my Event page for details forthcoming meetings of Drighlington Digital.

For information about local UK Online Groups near you visit the Online Centres Network.

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