Leeds Musicians’ Collective – a freeform music time capsule

Rodger Turner correctly billed right, but sadly incorrectly named Rodger Smith in the poster on the left

Another time capsule is unlocked from the 1970s, showing some of the classic posters, leaflets and graphics advertising events for the Leeds Musicians’ Collective. The age of “Letraset” sheets and painstaking Indian ink drawings with special pens, drawing boards and securing pins. Computers have now made this time consuming process redundant.

Can you imagine the frustration and horror of finding a typo?

This poster shows an absolute howler! Performer, Rodger Turner wrongly billed as Rodger Smith. Zoom in to the typed background around the guitar and see the the error is repeated over a hundred times. Also the artwork around the frame is wrong as well!

The Improvised Music Festival held the bank holiday weekend in 1977 had some fantastic freeform giants performing for just £1 a night! Derek Bailey (guitar)1, Evan Parker (saxophone)2, Lol Coxhill (saxophone)3. I will never forget see Evan Parker play on this occasion, I had never seen anyone use the circular breathing technique to play a wind instrument. It was electrifying seeing him play a continuous flood of notes for well over 5 minutes without stopping for a breath.

Dyson String Quartet, (John Dyson, violin, Simon H Fell, violin, Vic Berry, Viola, Simon Fallows, Cello)

This is a rare leaflet showing Simon H Fell’s early interest in improvised music 4.

Seen making an appearance with his school friend, David Smith (guitar) and with the Dyson String Quartet (with school friends, John Dyson, Vic Berry and Simon Fallows).

Footnote links to musicians Wikipedia pages:

  1. Derek Bailey, guitar
  2. Evan Parker, saxophone
  3. Lol Coxhill, saxophone
  4. Simon H Fell, bass

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