How many photos?

In 2020 there is a staggering number of photos taken each day with over 3 billion mobile phone users world-wide it is estimated that there is over 1.4 x 1012 (nearly one and half trillion) digital photographs capture each year. It a number that is hard to imagine.

If you imagine the Wembley Football Stadium at full capacity and that everyone takes a photograph every second for the duration a 90-minute football game. it would still not be enough to equal this number. You would have to do this at over 2,800 games or the equivalent of going to every game for 11 seasons!

If you have a mobile phone like most of us, you might be guilty of taking a load of pictures and forgetting about them. Why not blow to digital dust off your collection and doing something with them? Recently I unearthed my old holiday snaps to make a collection on Flickr and published a collection from the calendars I printed for Christmas gifts.

Flickr Album – Whitby 2019

Doing a bit of careful cropping and adjusting the brightness and colour can make a lot of difference to the results. Getting to know the default editors on your device is OK, but I am a fan of the Open Source applications that are available for different Operating Systems. GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulation Program) is fantastic. The simple functions are great, but there is a lot more to experiment with, such as the filters and layers.

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