Slickstercast on guitar
Vic Berry playing finger picking guitar in pianistic ragtime style, known as his “Reverend Kidd” period.

Music, sounds, written, performed, recorded and produced

by Vic Berry
Nocturne No.3 by Vic Berry a piano composition with piano and trombone improvisations 2022
Dodecaphonic Requiem by Vic Berry composed 1983, performed and arranged 2022. New Orleans Jazz Funeral Tradition remodelled using Serialism
Primzahlräume published 2022 is an ambient electronic music album created entirely from sine waves using only frequencies with prime number values. New Album Primzahlräume
Forte Non Ignave, published 2022 features Vic Berry on trombone multi-tracked recording of an original piano composition written 1977. “Forte non Ignave”
A compilation album published in 2021 of improvisations from period 2007 to 2010 with Vic Berry and Steve Kenny on guitars, basses, and synthesisers Hidden guitar improvisations are revealed in new album – Elements

Vic Berry’s Music is available on Apple Music too!


I have been using SoundCloud to put some of my music online since 2014. Originally set up for my guitar recordings under the stage name, Reverend Kidd. I used this name on the SoundCloud to provide some blues credentials for my improvising career with the guitarist Steve Kenny. At the time Steve and I were recording improvisations on tape as well as performing at the occasional open mic sessions in some of the Sheffield pubs.

My SoundCloud page eventually branched out into other genres, electronic music, music concrete, soundscapes, and much later with renewed interest in publishing music with piano and trombone. As well as branch out with a joint page with Steve Kenny for the work being published from the “Community Empowerment Tapes” improvisations.