Vic Berry

“Technology can help fulfil the creative urge, building a website is great way to showcase products and engage people, inspire, develop networks or facilitate collaboration”

February 2017.

About me

I was exposed to music from an early age which developed into an obsession over many years. Composing music, learning to play several instruments, and making my own recordings for decades.

I have always had a keen interest in photography and appreciating art but lacking in any talent to intuitively draw, paint or sculpt. Now that digital photography is so readily available and possibilities to use technology to enhance and transform images has opened new to create interesting images and designs.

Strong sense of social justice developed inevitably from being raised in a working-class back-to-back terrace house with an outside toilet and a tin bath in the cellar. Education raised awareness of the inequalities in society, and I was drawn throughout my career towards charitable, community-based people centred projects and industries that can make a positive contribution.

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