Langsame Motoren, “Ships passing in the night”

Creating the sound of ships’ engines and with sine wave tone generators using only prime number frequencies.

Langame Motoren is the 3rd track from the Album, Primzahlräume by Vic Berry.

Memories of the River Humber are imagined:

“Asymmetric spinning tops, always turning, always wobbling, like cams turning, piston shafts moving, tugboats on the river passing in the night fog.”

“I remember when I was a child my dad would show me the ships in Hull dock. He recounted seeing the Graf Zeppelin, children left their school classrooms to see the giant airship pass overhead.”

Vic Berry

Wood cut print of old ships in harbour
Reflections on Detailed Wood Cut Print by J S Ullyott

The Flight Log of the Graf Zeppelin, LZ 127, on its sixth flight records passing over Hull at 11:26 on the morning of 19th August 1931.


Airships Online LZ127 Graf Zeppelin Flight Logs

Accessed 12/08/2022

More information about the album Primzahlräume

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