New Album Primzahlräume

New Album, Primzahlräume out July 2022

Vic Berry inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen early experiments creating a new musical language with electronic music. The album, Primzahlräume, creates an alien world using with pure sine wave tones using only frequencies derived from prime numbers creating constantly shifting beats and timbres.

Vic’s memories of the boats on River Humber rekindled in the third track Langsame Motoren – “Asymmetric spinning tops, always turning, always wobbling, like cams turning, piston shafts moving, tugboats on the river passing in the night fog.”

The album experiments with using infrasonics (Track 7) – see post ACOUSTIC SPACES USING PRIME NUMBERS – “THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL”

Räumliche Oberschwingungsmotor (Track 9) uses number raised to the power of two to create natural harmonics from this fundamental, the resultant frequencies are tempered to their nearest prime number thereby creating a slight imperfections. As with the modern twelve chromatic notes on a piano being tempered during the development of keyboard requiring this adjustment to play in all key combinations. Vic’s homage to “Das wohltemperierte Klavier” by Johann Sebastian Bach.

New album released for download and streaming 02/07/2022.

Reviewed by Jim Williamson, October 2021 . “Very impressed with Primzahlräume. There’s an otherworldly quality to them that is quite hypnotic. And spot on with the Germanic framing as there is something Stockhausen/Krautrock to their mood. Listening, I felt impelled to hum or tap over the top, as if some could be layered to create greater complexity.”

Vic Berry



Portrait of Vic Berry, experimental musician and composer
Portrait of Vic Berry, experimental musician and composer

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