New exhibitions – Rare sound recordings

Seeing Mick Jagger using a pair of maracas on a black and white television set in the 1960s inspired an interest in popular music that later would turn into an obsessive passion for decades to come. It was shortly after this my parents encouraged my musical interest by getting me some maracas of my own made from the Gapacho plant. Sadly, the wooden handles became detached and the seeds from within lost over the years, yet this initial spark of inspiration lives on.

14th February 2022 marks the opening of the Music & Sound Studio which will feature a rotating select of personal work. Starting off with four funeral pieces originally written in 1983, arranged and recorded in 2022 with features from electronic music experiments from 2015.

Vic Berry at junior school – a musician in the making

Looking at this photograph of me taken when was at junior school, I see innocent optimism in my eyes. It is astonishing how my mind developed to produce new ideas, embarking on fantastic adventures exploring music and sound.

Forthcoming Events

Music & Sound Studio

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