Time to look out of the windows

Selection of sky photographs from the Flickr Album

I am not alone when I say I spent a large part of 2020 looking out of the window. After the novelty wore off, I decided after painting several rooms and tidying out the attic to create a photographic document of the changing skies across the seasons.

Lucky enough to have food and shelter having the time to just look up and watch the sky has been a special time. Back in April the road and skies were quiet and still and allowing the sound of the local wildlife to be heard.

I have produced some postcards and an online Flickr album of some of my favourite skies from the year. Noteworthy features seen include a Red evening rainbow, the start of alignment of Jupiter and Saturn an event happening only once every 400 years and a rainbow circle formed by high ice clouds catching bright sunlight.

View the Flickr Album – Lockdown Skies 2020

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