Acoustic spaces using prime numbers – “The devil is in the detail”

I have been experimenting with tone generators for many years. Here I created an infrasonic sound by generating sine waves using the prime numbers frequencies 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 23, and 29Hz and sine wave cluster of interfering patterns emerges.

Hear my track on the Reverend Kidd’s SoundCloud

“Prime numbers are they the voice of the devil itself, an infrasonic of such depths as to be inaudible to human ear. Only by making facsimile can the intervallic relationships between the frequencies become discernible.

Each octave copied more is revealed and the human mind can make sense of this dreadful acoustic onslaught.

Can it be the sound of war drum of the Mongol hordes, the Walls of Jericho tumbling down or the screams of ten thousand solders with swords in hand, let your imagination indulge in the sound of terror.”

Similar waveforms are transposed into different octaves

The audible frequencies are not prime numbers since they have been doubled several times when transposed up each octave. However, the intervallic relationships between the original frequencies is preserved.

“You can not stare into the face of the devil, only see the glimpse of a reflection in this cacophony.”

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