Unease, expectation and days slowing down

The Elgar Project in 2020

I saw the remake of the Dunkirk film last year and became interested in how the film score had used Elgar’s Nimrod theme. Especially the tempo and orchestration of the theme used to illustrate the flotilla of small ships arriving at Dunkirk to rescue the fleeing allied troops.

Elgar’s use of inverted chords created an uneasy suspended atmosphere, the feeling of expectation when the tempo is slowed down.

BBC Symphony orchestra original version with the score to follow is on YouTube.

If you compare with the use of the Nimrod theme in the film by director, Christopher Nolan in 2017 in the scene where “Dunkirk rescue civilian boats arrive to Dunkirk beach evacuation”

The UK Lockdown and the feel of unease, expectation and days slowing down.

My guitars have been a source of comfort and inspiration in 2020 during the months of the UK Lockdown.

Using a twelve-string guitar produces a big sound in the open D tuning (DADF#AD). Listening to Elgar’s Nimrod studying the score. I started playing with drone notes with shape using inverted chords. I often use a portable digital record to capture improvised ideas quickly. Sometime building up track layers to create a full piece.

The final piece includes all my favourite things I had to hand. The guide track with the acoustic 12 string guitar, electric Bass, an electric guitar, my trombone, as well as my attempt at Mongolian throat and falsetto style singing.

All the over dubs are captured with one take only, and I have edited out the unwanted notes. Although my performing ability does let me down. I don’t have the patience to practice. The result does give an idea of what I would have like to have achieved if I had a full orchestra at my disposal.

The digital recording and editing were completed using a Roland Rubix 22 USB Audio Interface connected to a PC and Open Source Software, Audacity. Now on my Reverend Kidd SoundCloud page.

2 responses to “Unease, expectation and days slowing down

  1. Really enjoyed listening to this piece, Vic – it was lovely to hear the brass, very nostalgic. Could maybe do with some gently propulsive percussion?CheersJ

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