Engaging with Hockney

I regularly visit the Hockney Gallery at Salts Mill in Saltire and I particularly enjoyed the exhibition of prints of the East Riding of Yorkshire countryside made with the iPad across different seasons. I went back several times to see the work in 2015.

Going back to the East Riding recently and passing through the countryside inspired me to revisit the photographs I had taken of the pictures and people at the exhibition. Having recent been getting more familiar with the latest version of the GIMP Open Source software and teaching some classes about photo editing. I have been experimenting with twisting images so that they appear in different planes or affect the perspective is something seen in David Hockney’s earlier work.

Visit my Flickr Photostream to “Engaging with Hockney” Album

My Flickr Photostream has some of the results of playing with the Hockney prints as well as my own photos taken on the way back from Bridlington taken in 2016. The electricity transmission pole unique to this part of the county is feature in the Hockney Seasons prints.

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