Time to rethink

A global pandemic provided the catalyst for restarting my website. You would think that a nationwide lockdown of public movement would mean I have plenty of time to spend writing copy for publication. Surprisingly the reverse has been true.

Working with Get Technology Together a community interest company with a mission to help people get online and use the technology more effectively as presented many challenges. The demand to use online services has dramatically increased. Yet many struggle because of a lack of confidence, skills and money to be able participate in the modern world.

Group technology class photograph

Technology Class in the Community

Under normally circumstance before the COVID19 pandemic skills training would be delivered face-to-face using community centres, places of worship or educational establishments. Now video conference applications and online courses is a substitute way of delivery that has some advantaged in reducing time and cost, but disadvantages in terms of help those individuals that are hard to reach and have no device or internet connection in their home. Considerable time and money is needed to establish contact and support for the excluded so that equipment can be set up and can be used independently before individuals can start learning.  All of this as to be done safely to minimise the health risk to learners and staff.

You can find more information about the work with Get Technology Together on http://www.gtt.org.uk

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