The Free Space Website

In the early days of dial up modems with pay as you go services of a one penny per minute using a standard telephone connection I used the Internet Service Provider, Virgin Net. At the time Virgin Net offered an email address and website hosting free. This was the logo used on my first website where I learnt how to use hyper text mark-up language. I made website pages with Microsoft Wordpad. Typing in HTML code and viewing the results on Internet Explorer.

Freespace original graphic

Freespace original graphic

The original logo created from a detail of scanned photograph of an action painting I created in the garden in the 1990s. The painting is still mounted on the walls over 25 years later. The water colour has faded with time, but you can see the graphic colour balance was altered to make a more vibrant logo for the website. At the time it was simply amazing to have such easy to use graphic software tools.

Action painting on the walls

Early action paintings in situ present day

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